Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Getting into Some Weirdness!

 Cat Miller and Myself during shooting of episode 2 and 3 of Gina Andreoli's "The Weirdness" webseries 

                                Cat as "Kathy" with something in her eye

I'm happy to announce I am now playing a recurring character "Rand/Trandy" in the new local sci-fi webseries The Weirdness  an experimental science fiction fantasy thriller, written and directed by Gina Andreoli the creator of the webby award winning Gemini Rising.

The series is an out of time out of place surrealistic tale, revolving around two sisters with psychic abilities, a drug called Nepenthium and the sinister Cron-X corporation.
                                                            "Trandy" gets tough

                                                        Signals in another dimension!

                               Shooting a scene with Heather Cole on Bike

The first episode is available to watch online:

The Weirdness from Gina Andreoli on Vimeo.

                                     "                 "The Rats" are living it up!

This should be an interesting journey so I hope you will join us across the dimensions.....

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