Friday, November 28, 2014

Official Website is Up, acting roles, and new artworks!

                                    "The Event Chained" Acrylic on Canvas
                                        24"X 36" inspired by ?

My official artist website is now up at
A long time coming it is a good place to see select artworks and a place to get my general aesthetic.
Over the past year I have been busy creating new artworks, have started playing out again with the revamped Red Masque line-up, and done some acting in some local films:

I played one of the evil SORC workers in Brittany Rafalek's Sci-Fi film "Consumption" which is about a future where food is banned and people live by eating a pill. You an check out her site and endeavors at :
                                                          On set filming "Consumption"


                                 I was a bank robbery hostage in Josh Kastner's "In with the Old"

     Screen Shot  from "In with Old" , "Mac" (right) talks some shotgun barrel to my character (left)

And with great relish I played "Mr. Leech" a blood drinking illuminati member in Alexandra Larry's "Leeches"

                         Mr. and Mrs. Leech sample some sweet young girl's blood in"Leeches"

Yet another cool project I was on crew for David Pym's experimental "Count Venus"

Some stills:



             As far as new artworks here are some recent examples:

                                                             "The Pipes are Calling"
                                                            14"X17" Pastel on Paper
                                                                      "The Belle"
                                                               14"X17" Pastel on Paper
                                                               "The Night Meridian"
                                                         12"X24" Acrylic on canvas
                                                                   "Child of Mondas"
                                                              14"X17" Pastel on Paper

                                                     "Manipulation of Thaddeus Thorn"
                                                               14"X17" Pastel on Paper
                                    I will continue to update as new developments take place, and as a reminder artworks are for sale and I am seeking illustration/cover art work as well as new acting roles, and may begin to restart film ideas that have been on hold since my vimeo pages are getting numerous plays and new followers consistently.

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