Sunday, March 13, 2011

Latest Artwork: The Clown that Comes to Paradise

Archontic Observations

Do you know who you really are? Think about it. When you were a child in some ways you didn't you feel more wise and connected to things? Because perhaps you were closer to the your birth and also maybe a previous death?

But what happened to that child who saw the strange and confusing, and seemingly silly behavior of the adults around them that helped form thier current "personality".

Seems like a person that no longer exists...right?

And now what you have is a walking thing made of routines and reactions with an adapted persona to show to the world. But say it's not even really there? Just a creation of an incorporeal being who lives through it -feeding on the vessel of it's host which it filled to create the energy it needed.

So the dance of the puppets goes on while the mad other(self?) or Archons keeps the show going.

Then essentially we have to ask were we ever real to begin with? Like that child-mind that felt more so, and can someone truly be an actual person filled with the true essence of himself and a clear, meaningful connection to the world, the universe, and the infinite?