Monday, January 15, 2024

A Nietzschien Verse

I saw a man on fire walking through a blizzard. He was a beacon of hate in a land of death and loneliness. All here were frozen by the engineers of "equality" .

Only this flame of truth and immolating vengeance could endure. In his smoldering footsteps the ice began to melt and a dead voice spoke from beneath the snow covered graves.

-"Are you living to die? Or living to expand yourself upon the compass of the world! Are you consuming to just work the treadmill? Or consuming the very fabric of life to reach your higher aspirations!"

"Stay here to freeze and be equal to the dead or follow this man on fire before he burns away! And let not Lord Saturn eat your life. Step out of this time and make your own Aeon!"


Tuesday, January 9, 2024

"Throne" (a poem)

What color is your throne?

As bleeding rats move reliquaries,
to entice the wind with chimes and bones, 
and move us past the cemetery gates...

Are we now awake?

Or still encased in glass,
with tinted glow-light moving past,
dried dead skin and empty veins-
though stained glass windows broken pane.

Sepulchre holds your sceptre's grace,
and shines eclipses upon a wounded face,
with weathered eye's of solid stone.

That gaze at empty scrolls and broken relic's-
shard's of skull and tortured edicts...

As the dust of souls moves-
down an altar stairway
past curtain's veil and statuary,
to secret crypt's and chambers,
whose eternal nameless moans.

Through torches gasping breathe 
light dark epiphanies of death!

Uncloaked now!- immortal sin, 
let Heaven's Hell begin--

And only now reveals the color of your THRONE!!!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2023

A thought going into the New Year...

Whenever someone tells you that you did something "wrong" or that you "made a mistake"- just means that you did something that did not align with their values or the values of the society that they live in.

 The only real "wrong" or "mistake" you can make is to betray your own values, thus betraying yourself.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

An after Christmas Thought ..


Probably the worst thing about our society and culture is that on some level we're expected to justify our very existence by some form of moral obligation. 

I think that's abhorrent.

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Going Vertical- Liberation for the Cancelled Man?

 Oh my Brothers....There is no doubt, that the train of technological and "social" progress has clearly gone off it's rails. With the cars of "modern" values flying into the cities and country sides. Spilling poison cargo of Corporate Globalism and Wokeness which will attempt to destroy, absorb, or cancel out anything and everything surrounding it before the final crash and burn.  

Anyone who has refused to get on this train, been thrown off it, or has avoided even getting near the tracks is effectively become a "Cancelled Man", This is because they present an impediment to it's final destination : the progressive utopia, where everyone is "free" , ( ie. free to be a slave to (Post) Modernity and the Global Elites. )

This act of Cancellation whether done actively (destroying someone's reputation, livelihood, and socially blackballing them) or passively ( Ignoring, or shoving aside a person or group of people as irrelevant) is effectively a form of spiritual murder. 

The Cancelled Man is not allowed to defend themselves, there is no due process, it doesn't matter whether they have have done anything "wrong" or not ...they are just in the way. 

The middle manager or sales guy who made the raunchy "offensive" joke at the office Christmas party is considered no different than the CEO who used his power and influence to extract sexual favors. It's just the arbitrary weaponization of moral panics to pave the way for whoever deems themselves as "oppressed" to grab more power. And that's what it's about, power. 

Thus those who view themselves as within a disempowered identity group must combine their collective grievances (whether real, imagined, or legitimate)
to implement "social justice" on  the "enemy" identity group be it based on race, gender, sexual preference, or behaviors.

This of course discounts any individual experiences which vary from person to person, no matter who or what they actually are. Even then, - the "personal has been made political." So  the "lived experience" of the victim supercedes any time, place, or context and certainly any views, beliefs, or experiences of those seen as oppressing them. 

So the world, all history and culture is then viewed through this lense of Neo-Marxism where anything and everything can be reduced to and explained through these ever shifting forms of "critical theory" . Emblemized by the rainbow flag with the triangle- symbolizing "multiculturalism", "intersectionality", and the "solidarity" of the oppressed identity groups.

 The long march has now trampled into everyday life recasting all phenomena, human interactions, and nature in the light of "Woke" . And any resistance to this attempt at reeducation and "awareness" is met with cancellation. 

To add to the absurdity this is all been pushed nonstop by multinational corporations and globalist oligarchs who the left would have in the past seen as their ultimate enemy and chief oppressor. 

So what can a Cancelled Man do? 

Well obviously many of us have lived in a state of a kind of retreat, attempting to function in society while ignoring or avoiding the culture war. (Attempts at reasoning or fighting with people on the other side of it as we know are pointless) There is the real backlash and progression towards creating a parallel systems that rejects the values of globalism and political correctness. (The world across the board is shifting towards nationalism/populism) So It seems the best remedy is simply "Riding the Tiger" and let the Modern/Post Modern world run it's course. But anyone clawed by the tiger needs to not only heal but regain the power that was taken away by the wounding ...

No doubt cancel culture, globalism, and far left political activism are dying. Most of the populace are fucking sick of it. Almost every woke film, show, media outlet, and product implodes. But there seems to be the left over residue like a trail of slime that sticks to things. As if a wave were receding, covering the beach with the rotting mutated radioactive corpses of an undefinable sea life. 

Naturally the thing to do would to bring out the hazmat crew to clean up the mess. You obviously wouldn't want anyone to be reinfected, spreading a new strain of this vile disease and pestilence. Yet in one of my previous attempts to explain my horror of the very situation we are discussing here, I was countered with idea that things would "balance out". 

On the surface (esp. to a liberal mind) this probably sounds great. The extreme crazies on both ends of the political spectrum will go back to their "lil" hidey-holes and can pontificate to the radical flocks of those respective echo chambers. And so goes we will be left with a more fair and equitable world. The various oppressed identity groups will receive their recognition and their voice will have been heard: The police won't be abolished but special social work and mental health units will be sent out accordingly in underprivileged communities. Transgender and LGBT rights will universally accepted and integrated into all areas of society so as not be forced. Women will finally achieve the equality and respect that Men supposedly get just by virtue of their gender (even though gender will now longer, effectively exist-if you don't want it to.) etc. etc. etc 

But if course, anyone with any real sense of things will know that these things will never really "balance out" because of the way the these ideas have been foisted and pushed onto Western Society. The result is rapidly alienated large portions of the populace and ultimately backfiring on the very people that they are supposed to help.

( To be clear here on a side note: I personally am not a fan of what most people know as "Conservativism" in the sense of moralistic, dogmatic, and small t-"traditionalist" values. I still have a very live and let live mindset, and I am not prejudiced against people's race, gender. or sexual preferences-My issue is with the imposition of ideas that I think are horrific and detrimental to everyone as whole.)

So if then if the "personal is always political", then there is no choice but to make "the political personal" as this ideological trap runs across the horizontal axis of being and perception.
Thus the only real option then is make it metaphysical and go Vertical-

                                                   Hermes Trismegistus

This means going within first so we can influence what happens without. Re Embracing the hermetic principles that have been negated or covered over by scientific rationalism and materialist reductionism.

We must recognize those principles and implement them so we can access the Vertical axis of being and create the new man, the inner man, the man who is integrated with and connected to divine will.

This, as I mentioned before, is finding "The King in Exile" and restoring him-our personal Hegemonikon-to the throne.

The pathwork here is to work with our inner chaos to bring about a new order/logos refined within ourselves and then project that back onto the world to achieve its greatest actualization. 

There are many methods to reach this goal, but the basic premise is that consciousness creates reality and by using our will and imagination we can build new worlds.

 Also it is imperative to rebuild our physical energy and bodies within the apparent world. Letting the poisons of modern living and it's demoralizing effects to continue to wear us down will only impede our higher aspirations.

Avoiding bad food, substance addiction, and the constant distraction of social media hysterics is of the utmost importance. If you can find like minded people to gain comradery with the that would be a bonus although rare in today's alienated society.

Remember if the world is made up what Nietzsche calls perspective truths and "Nothing Exists and Everything is Permitted" you can fight the ugly
 versions with the beautiful ones, the ones of your own making  ...

And this may even manifest it self out as
 one the greatest, and resurgences of divine glory, creativity, strength 

With dissolution comes Chaos and through this Chaos we can once again give birth to liberation!

Just a suggestion.....

                                                                 - BLR

Sunday, December 17, 2023

3 Maxims

                                                       "Ordo ab Chao!"                  


Remember, a heart of stone may never beat, -but a bleeding heart will always die....


It's interesting that the people who keep saying "Science is real!" also tend to think that gender is a "social construct" .


I think it's an absolute disgrace that we live in a society where grown men are more afraid of women and children then other men. If that's not an inversion of nature, I don't know what is!


Saturday, September 23, 2023

"Nightmare's Prophet"- (A Poem)

                                        (Drawing by Liliana Wofsi-Dohnert)

"Nightmare’s Prophet came to me, in liquid lies, and entropy.

His backward whispers of blue skinned whores, belching blood on a chessboard floor!

The quick-phase harlequin and faceless mage, led me down to twilight’s grave.

Where twisted branches grasped the gloom, o’er empty thrones in crypted rooms

On pallid steed he takes my site, this blind-dead prophet of the night!"